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Technology for Business Advantage

Norausky Process Solutions, Inc. (NPS) provides a full spectrum of consulting services using a
CMM or CMMI framework. NPS consultants are experienced in performing process improvement services in major industries (aerospace, telecommunications, insurance, finance, defense and federal agencies), various organizational sizes (large and small), and distinct product types (embedded systems, application and system software, mission critical, and IRAD)

NPS has successfully worked with organizations through all five CMM and CMMI Maturity Levels. Our SCAMPI Lead Appraisers have appraised organizations using the CMMI in both Staged and Continuous Representations through Maturity Level 5. We know how higher maturity organizations work and this experience is a value proposition for you.

Our approach is designed to help you find solutions to your organization's business challenges and produce measurable results. NPS delivers best-of-breed performance and process management solutions in a business-focused manner. We address the technical challenges of your immediate business process problems from a position of your best interests. We enable you to continually raise the bar of excellence in order to maintain a distinct competitive edge in today's and future global economy.

At NPS, we present proven principles and processes that will help you plan, design, implement and enable continuous process improvement. We accomplish this though our consulting, training, and pre-appraisal, appraisal, and post-appraisal engagements.

NPS Offers an Exceptional Suite of Services

We acknowledge your current "pockets of excellence" and encourage a fresh look at your options in moving forward. We present options that do the following:
  • Require minimal data collection, thus reducing the "analysis paralysis," so often experienced in process improvement efforts

  • Produce implementable solutions that provide greater benefits in quality, economic returns, and timelines

  • Require much less time and cost in developing benefits

We support the integration of new technologies. We enable you to design your processes with the flexibility to "help move your business to the best possible advantage." NPS consultants are highly responsive regarding "evolutionary and revolutionary" organizational business needs and priorities throughout a continuous process improvement program.


Solutions: Moving from Tactical to Practical

Our experts work with your team to strategize and construct real long term solutions, beyond any appraisal preparation. We align your business goals and objectives with the most robust processes that are essential to your organization for World Class innovation.

At NPS, we provide solutions tailored specifically to meet real-time challenges. When it comes to process improvement solutions, each one is unique and we ensure that yours will be one of your greatest assets.

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